Safe, Fun & Creativity

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Arts and Crafts are used to reinforce the lessons the children are learning about.  They are proudly displayed, and parents are encouraged to take them home.

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Songs and dance are always children's favorites.  Children are exposed to music, learn songs and have the opportunity to play with various musical instruments

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Movement is a very important aspect of each child's development during the early years.  Our curriculum promotes plenty of physical activities both indoors and outside.

ABC Cubes


Our curriculum promotes activities intentionally designed to promote the development of children's vocabularies through story time, singing and mimicking games.  We are pleased that  some Spanish/English bi-lingual speaking Day homes.  Spanish is the second most spoken language world-wide.

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Math is learned through play, music, story telling and crafts.  The building blocks of basic math is encompassed into all aspects of daily activities.

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Outside Play

Fun, fun, fun.  We want to send your children home, happy, fulfilled and a little tired.  All of our homes have fully fenced yards adequately equipped with a variety of outdoor toys in a private and safe environment. Your children will have the opportunity to have plenty of physical play while using their imagination.