Diverse Learning Environments


Located in Haysboro area of Calgary, very close to Eugene Coste school this is a Spanish/English

bi-lingual day home with an Out of School program.  The day home Director is a professional educator.  Focus is on family, where you child will develop and learn in a family friendly environment.   



Located in Tuxedo this is a Spanish/English toddler's day home were there is lost of hugs and nurturing mixed in with crafts and learning through play.  The Director is a personable,fun loving person that treats your child, like her own.



This is an English speaking preschool day home located in the Tuxedo area.  The Director is a high energy, creative person that will challenge your children's cognitive and physical abilities in a loving and nurturing environment.


This is an English speaking day home located in  Mount Pleasant area.  The Director is a gentle and very patient and sweet lady that carefully works with your children to bring out the best through educational play and crafts.



Sunflower is a Spanish-English Bilingual Day Home.  Located in Mount Pleasant, this home promises to be a dynamic and fun environment where you children will learn while they are gently challenged to grow.

Blue Bell

COMING SOON! This location will be on 27th Ave NW in the tuxedo area. Please contact us for more information on this location!

Art Class