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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a transition week?

Yes, we offer a transition week at no cost. The transition week will be specifically tailored based on the number of days of childcare.

What is your sick policy

If your child is sick please keep your child at home. If your child exhibits signs of the following throughout the day including diahria, high fever, throwing up, excessive coughing or and unexplained severe rash, then we will contact you for immediate pick up.

Do you provide food?

Yes, we provide breakfast lunch and snacks. We follow the Canadian Food Guide.

What happens if the day home Director is sick.

We will find a preapproved replacement person as soon as reasonably possible

What happens when a day home Director is on vacation?

A preapproved replacement Director is provided at the home.

When is the day home closed?

Statutory holicays, Easter Monday, Heritage Day and for approximately a week over Christmas. See the company calendar for specific details.